Latest Techniques

Latest Techniques are used by Prof Shahzad Shams to remove brain tumours which are as following:
 1. Endoscopic minimally invasive keyhole brain surgery
2. Endoscopic minimally invasive keyhole removal of brain tumours through nose.
3. Neuronavigation used to precisely target the lesion and for complete removal.
4. Stereotactic neurosurgery a minimally invasive keyhole surgery technique for deep seated lesions with 1mm accuracy
5. High Powered Microscopes are used to magnify the tumour for safe removal .
6. Telescopes attached to camera with images on monitor are used to treat Hydrocephalus.
7. Per operative neurophysiological monitoring is done to protect important nerves and areas of Brain.
8. Safest and best technique performed by only one Team of Prof Shahzad Shams in Pakistan called Translabyrinthine minimally invasive keyhole surgery and approach for Acoustic Neuroma surgery.
All these methods help in safe and complete removal of tumors giving excellent results.

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