Prof. Shahzad Shams presently works as Head and Professor of Neurosurgery Department at Lahore General Hospital, LGH, Lahore.


Brain Tumor

  1. How does a patient with brain tumor present?
  2. What is the treatment of brain tumor?
  3. How are the results of surgery on brain tumor?
  4. Does surgery lead to any deficits in body?
  5. How long the patient stays in hospital after surgery?
  6. Why patient feel headache and vomiting?
  7. What is Brain Tumor?
  8. Can we remove the tumor without surgery?
  9. In which condition we should consult a Neurosurgeon?


  1. What is Headache?
  2. What are causes of headache?
  3. What is headache of half of head ?
  4. When should a patient of headache consult a neurosurgeon?


  1. What is the cause of low back pain ?
  2. What is the cause of back pain radiating to any leg ?
  3. When should a patient of back pain consult a neurosurgeon ?
  4. What are the reult of spinal surgery ?
  5. How long the patient stays in hospital after the surgery ?
  6. Why pain goes to both or singal leg ?
  7. How we relief the spinal pain ?

Head Injuries

  1. What are the symptoms in head injury which when present patient should consult a neurosurgeons?

Spinal Injury

  1. What are the methods of treatment of spinal injury?
  2. How do use of rods & screw help in spinal injury?

Neck Problem

  1. Why do patient get neck pain?
  2. When should they consult a neurosurgeon?
  3. What are methods of surgical treatment of neck problem?

Hydrocephalus / VP Shunt

  1. For how long the VP shunt stays?
  2. How after VP shunts block?
  3. Do we need to replace VP shunt at a later stage?

Trigeminal Neuralgia

  1. What does MVD operation mean?
  2. How long does the patient stays in the hospital after surgery?

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