Prof. Shahzad Shams presently works as Head and Professor of Neurosurgery Department at Lahore General Hospital, LGH, Lahore.


These are comments of some of Prof. Shahzad’s patients. These are but a few of the comments on email and stacks of letters Prof. Shahzad receives from his patients. He  is a kind and caring man and physician who takes care of his patients personally :-


Dear Prof. Shams,

Your technique of operating  on my pituitary adenoma a brain tumour through nose (ENDOSCOPIC PITUITARY ADENOMA BRAIN SURGERY TECHNIQUE)  also called Transnasal  Transphenoidal Endoscopic Surgery has given me back my vision from almost blindness to  normal and without opening my skull and any scar or incision on my skull. The whole operation was done through my nose and brain tumour was completely removed. Remarkably I was discharged on the 2nd day of my surgery with complete recovery of my vision to normal.

You have gifted hands. 

God bless you.

Nasir from Lahore, Pakistan



 Prof. Shahzad Shams,

My vision is back to normal from almost blind from Pituitary tumour. You have brilliant operative skills and techniques. It was amazing that you took out my brain tumour through the nose and without opening my skull and also without giving any incision. I must thank you for bringing me back into this world and today I am leading a normal life.

Asma Kaiser, Lahore, Pakistan 


Dear Prof.Shams,

I travelled all the way from Yemen to get operated from you for Colloid Cyst in my third ventricle of the brain which could lead to sudden death.

I was very afraid of surgery but  had heard a lot about your Minimal invasive technique of Endoscopic brain surgery. You operated through a small burr hole of 2×2 cm and took out the Colloid cyst within 30 minutes using very small instruments and endoscopes. I woke up from surgery within minutes and was absolutely normal. 

Stay blessed

SAMAH SALEH from Republic of YEMEN

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 00967733888950



Dear Prof. Shahzad,

I am back to my normal life after a very complicated surgrey of Clipping of Anterior cerbral artery aneurysm detected after i became unconscious due to rupture of this aneurysm leading to brain haemorrhage.

I am a teacher and Nun at Sacred heart School in the Primary school and am enjoying life and teaching kids. Thanks again.

Pauline from sacred heart School, Lahore 


Dear Dr sahib,

I am so greatful for the operation you did on my middle cerebral artery aneurysm by clipping it and bringing me back from almost death bed when I reached hospital with brain clot.

Mrs Iqbal from Ravi Road, Lahore 


Dear Prof Shams

I traveled all the way from New York to Lahore to get operated on a slipped disc from you and now I am back to my business in New York, USA.

The trip was worth, thanks to your excellent surgery. I was relieved of back pain and pain radiating to leg. You are the best.

MR. Sabir  from New York


Dear Prof. Shahzad,

I made the right decision and chose the best Neurosurgeon for the task. The operation performed by you on my Brain Tumor GLIOMA was shown on Geo Television and that is how my friends came to know about your brilliant craftsmanship and skill in handling the delicate tissues of brain. Today I am in the best of health and enjoying life. I would highly recommend Dr. Shams to anyone in need of a neurosurgeon.

Mr. Khan, resident of Peshawar (age 52 years a case of Brain Tumor)

Dear Prof. Shams,

“Because of you and the Allah, I still live.”

Thank You, Tahneeat, resident of Kashmir (age 18 years, a case of large intraventricular Meningioma)

Prof. Shams,

I am writing you to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my son for his neck problem, secondary to tuberculous infection which had his all four limbs paralyzed. In your operation though the cost of placing a titanium cage after removal of involved vertebra was high but still I do not regret as the end result was excellent. Today my son is perfectly alright and is studying in MBA.

Mr. Arshad Chohan Father of Mr. Shahid Chohan resident of Dubai (17 years a case of Tuberculous Cervical Spine/Caries Spine)

Dear Prof. Shams,

Without your gifted hands and mind, I would not have had the excellent recovery from a spinal cord tumor

Lahore has gained a fantastic person and doctor while we in Faisalabad must treasure the memory of your being with us. I’m confident we will hear of your many accomplishments back here.

With best personal regards,

Mr. Javed and Family, resident of Kuwait City (45 years a case of Spinal Tumor)


Dear Prof. Shams,

I wanted to thank you and your team for the Quality Care you have given to my referred patient’s of brain and spinal diseases.

Thank you

Truly yours,

Dr. Munawar Hussain Ch..  Hussain General Hospital, Jhang, Tel: 0471-612123, 612122,


Professor. Shams,

I would like to thank you for saving my father’s life. He was involved in a very severe road traffic accident and developed a clot in his brain and was dying when we contacted you and immediate emergency surgery was performed in which you removed the clot and within few hours, he started to improve and today he is busy in his life. We were very fortunate to have you there when we needed you. I really appreciate all the years you spent to become such a proficient neurosurgeon.

Today is my father’s 60th Birthday and I made it sure to write to you to let you know that we are celebrating it and we cannot forget Allah and the person from whom Allah made it possible to celebrate the birthday.

Mr. Sharif s/o Mr. Shahid resident of  Faisalabad (age 55 years, a case of Head Injury with Extradural Hematoma)


Dear Prof. Shams,

We are so grateful to you for taking such good care of my husband Tariq. You truly must have magic hands. Tariq’s sight has returned from near blindness to normal.


Mrs. Tariq w/o Mr. Tariq resident of Saudi Arabia (age 45 years a case of Pituitary Brain Tumor)

Dear. Prof. Shams,

To a caring doctor, our many thanks! Besides all that you are a gentleman and a very gentle man. The VP shunt done is still working after 10 years .


Mrs. Mahmood m/o Rizwan resident of Sialkot (age 4 years a case of Hydrocephalous)

Dear Prof Shahzad,

The operation Percutanous Vertebroplasty you did for my compression fracture of Lumbar vertebra due to osteoporosis or osteoporotic spine has brought me back to normal life otherwise I was having sever pain in the back since I slipped in the bathroom.  Discharged within 24 hours and immediate releif of back pain. This operation was done without any incision. Wonderful technique in your hands. 

Samina from Lahore Pakistan



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